Monday, August 18, 2014

New sewing/craft space : )

I'm so excited about finally getting this sewing area set up.  With limited space in the living quarters I just never really set up an area that I could work in.  So with moocho inspiration after returning from MPB Day in New York I switched into git-er-done mode and managed to carve out this sweet corner of the room.  What made it all really fall into place was while at the local thrift I saw the sewing table in the picture.  It was in great condition and only $15.00 dollars.  Not really knowing that my sewing machine would fit in it I was taking a chance.  One I was willing to take at that price and if it didn't work I could use it as a desk or give it to a friend. When I got it home it fit like Cinderellas slipper.  Happy moment :  ).  The sewing machine in the picture is one I had gotten for a mere $8.00 dollars way back when at an auction.  It was stuck to just the top of a wooden panel that had once been the top of one of the treadle bases but the treadle part was long gone probably turned into a table and the head was laying on its side waiting for someone to claim/love it.  No one wanted it and at that price I was willing to tinker with it to get it working.  I got it working and it sews like a dream (even though ist only straight stitch) and found a treadle bottom for it that I used for awhile.  Due to all the upstairs downstairs moving that was going on in my young life it got to be cumbersome lugging the heavy thing around (nor did I have the heart to ask some of my strong friends to help me move the thing yet again) so I donated the base (sadly) and kept the head since I could still sew with that. I have other electric machines but this is my favorite of all.  It can sew the finest sheers to dog food bags.  So now I should have no excuses to keep me from whipping up some crafty creations right.  Well, the whole point of  this blog is to see if I can organize myself and be disapplined enough to post regularly and actually finish some projects.  Wish me luck :  )