Sunday, March 29, 2015

Seuss Couture

During the last two weeks I've basically put all crafting/sewing endeavors to the side to work on this.  A hat for a charity fund raiser art auction with a Doctor Seuss theme.  The MC for the event wanted to go as Oscars Only Orange Oiled Owl - I believe that is from the Seuss alphabet book.  As usual with a tight deadline I decided that a hat would get the message across and be relatively easy. The blue thing is the oil can and there is a amber bead for the oil that dangles over the owls head.  Ha, I think the owl came out cute.  She had sent for a cream coloured dress that had ostrich feathers all over it from  the waist down.  So I made a bustle type attachment that she could pin on to - kick it up a notch - in the ostrich department, LOL.  Then I made a feathered wristlet that she could wear on one of her hands to give it that elegant touch.  I find myself pushing myself to the last minute as far as getting these sort of things done.  And then you have moments like finding out that the glue you purchased the day before was no good. Then end up cursing myself for not checking while buying it because it is now 3 am in the morning (the evening before it due) and a trip to the store is NOT possible.  Which then ensues a frenzied hunt for the glue gun that is finally found after tearing through drawers and making a complete mess of things times 10.  None the less I got it done, Whew!  She made it into the salon the next day just in time for me to throw her hair up in an ostrich sort of updo and I gave her the rest of the plumage to be attached just before the auction.  I hope she got a picture of the whole getup.  
Do you ever find yourself putting things off till the last minute?  Or find yourself having to - Make It Work - as Tim Gunn says on Project Runway.  Either due to unforseen incidents or your own lack of planning etc.  I love the show Project Runway and in the midst of creating this I thought about just making it like one of the contestants crazy deadlines and had fun with it and Made it Work  :  )