Thursday, November 26, 2015

Its turkey time in the city

Well almost turkey.  It's what you get when you cross a pineapple with a turkey.  Ah, purkey, LOL.  Actually, its Larry the Las Vegas show turkey.  He shows up every year around this time and is such a gas.  His sister works with the rockets.  You outta see her sequins.
Here's his close-up.  If your going to do turkey glam you might as well do it in style and bust out the sequins, right.  Its not every day that a pineapple and turkey pull off the unthinkable and convince everyone they are a turkey.
Here's the turkey fixins.  You got your felt cut out to resemble turkey parts.  Your embroidery floss or thick thread, some stuffing and some wiggly eyes that you glue on.  My mom made the original version years ago and I copied it and here are some of the offspring in the works. They are fun to make.
I've also been knitting hats.  I found this cool yarn that is ombre dyed by Alex at  The yarn is wool and soooo soft.  As you knit from the bottom up it gives this dip dyed effect that is awsome.  You can buy the yarn and then get the pattern free from Alex's ravelry download off his page on ravelry.  The needles are size 10 double points.
Mom says, What ya doin out there?  I said, washin and hangin dog food bags.  Mom says, YOU GOT MORE DOG FOOD BAGS!!!  I say, YASSSSSSS!  LOL, :  ).  It was such a beautiful day today for Thanksgiving.  Lately the weather has been rainy and COLD, brrrr.  So when today turned out to be so nice I decided I better take advantage of it and get a bunch of these bags washed and dried. So that when the weather turns cold again at least I'll have a batch I can work on.  This is my least favorite part of the dog food bag creation process.  You got to turn them inside out first, Then I wipe them down with those disinfecting wipes - spray them with some window cleaner and then brush them on both sides and hose them off.  Then hang-em to dry.  If you don't do that and clean them up, they have dog food crumbs and this oily substance that is not very nice smelling to me but I'm sure dogs LOVE it.  So there will be more dog food bag creations to share in the future.
Here's hoping you had a beautiful thankful day.