Monday, July 13, 2015

It's here, It's here! : )

The Male 3/4 Torso Dress Form Mannequin Display with hanging loop finally arrived, WOOT!  This was purchased on Amazon from Mannequin Maven for 39.99 with added shipping.  I think it came out to be about $53.00 dollars with shipping.  Here he is posed with the vintage lady mannequin that I used to keep in my shop.  I've been wanting to get a male torso/mannequin for a while now and have been shopping around.  Years ago I made a body double where you used gummed packaging tape as papier mache and covered yourself like a mummy (with the help of a friend) in the appropriate areas stand there till it dried, ARGH.  Then cut it off, slipped out of it, added more tape to strengthen it, and then coved it with fabric for an inexpensive alternative to a clothing form.  Well it worked for awhile but was never very sturdy and had a tendency to collapse on itself.
  Not wanting to spend a fortune on one of these I've been looking around and finally decided on this mannequin that was available on Amazon.  It took awhile to find one with the measurements I wanted since I wanted one that was close to my size but smaller.  I wanted it smaller since I can always pad it up to my size in the areas that need it.  Eventually I'll get around to making a cover for it so I can pin into it.  Ha, I will have to admit that I wish I had abs like that, LOL.  Maybe it will inspire me to - GET WITH IT - in the exercise department.  All in all, I'm really pleased with it and it will come in handy for photo shoots and with sewing garments.  It's cool that it has the partial legs because you can use it for shorts/pants.  It also has this sturdy wire hoop at the top if you want to hang it.  Its a very sturdy plastic.
So there you have it the beginnings of the sewing studio.  I've got a clothing rack on the back porch so that may be where all the photo shoots will take place.  There's nothing like early morning and evening lighting for pictures  :  )

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